Max Async Commands


What is the default value for the number of concurrent async commands that can be executed.? Also How does the Aerospike performance get affected with the increase in the number of async commands and therefore increase in the number of open client connections.

FAQ Tuning async Java Client connections

AsyncClientPolicy.asyncMaxCommands = 200;

Async commands consume up to (asyncMaxCommands * node count) sockets when including active sockets and sockets in each node’s connection pool. Async commands also consume memory.

Performance will go down when sockets and/or memory are excessively used. You can arrive at an optimal asyncMaxCommands setting by benchmarking the client with various asyncMaxCommands and asyncSelectorThreads values. You will find a point where performance does not increase after increasing asyncMaxCommands or asyncSelectorThreads. Increasing values past this point does not make sense because you are not receiving a performance benefit for increased resource use.


Thank you for the reply.This is of great help …