Aerospike Bin Data deletion

Hey! We have a usecase to deprecate a bin from our Aerospike Cluster.

Can someone help me out with the different options that we have come across to understand the pros and cons of each? Say bin to be deprecated - binToBeDeleted

  1. Setting a value of null to binToBeDeleted for each record key
  2. Giving ttl of say 1 day to each record for binToBeDeleted
  3. Writing a UDF to delete the bin from each record and doing rolling restart for Aerospike.

Factors to keep in mind would be the compute used for deletion and the storage space saved. Thanks and Regards!

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@kporter @rbotzer Would really appreciate if you could help me out with this query. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Is the end goal to get back from the bin quota? (And eventually follow this process: How to clear up set and bin names when it exceeds the maximum set limit ?).

  1. Should work for sure.
  2. Not sure why you would give a TTL on the whole record… is the intent to delete the full record or just the bin?
  3. That should work as well but I think this can even be done with background operations which should be lighter compared to UDFs.

@meher Thanks for replying.

We have not reached the bin quota so that is not a concern for us right now. Our end goal being reducing the overall disk size used for our Aerospike cluster, hence deleting the unused bin.

Regarding point 2, sorry I meant giving a TTL to binToBeDeleted. Intent is just to “delete the bin”

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