How to delete a single bin from set?



I’m using python client,i want to delete a single bin from my set,please provide solution.

ThanksScreenshot from 2017-08-23 17-21-02

In this records i want to delete ‘level’ bin from set


In the Python client you assign the bin you want to delete (in this case ‘level’) with the value aerospike.null().

However, if every record in a set has a bin you want to remove, it would be more efficient to remove the record using a record UDF that assigns the Lua value nil to this bin. You would then apply the function to each record in the set, for example from AQL.


function del_level(rec)
  rec['level'] = nil


$ aql
Aerospike Query Client
Version 3.12.0
C Client Version 4.1.4
Copyright 2012-2017 Aerospike. All rights reserved.
aql> register module './fix.lua'
OK, 1 module added.

aql> execute fix.del_level() on