Aerospike C# Client Release 4.2.0 (April 30, 2021)

Aerospike C# client version 4.2.0 was released on April 30, 2021.

This minor release adds new features and fixes.


  • CLIENT-1461 Support boolean particle type. If “Value.UseBoolBin” is true, a boolean is sent to the server as a boolean bin instead of an integer bin. Server version 5.6+ is required when “Value.UseBoolBin” is true. Default is false.
  • CLIENT-1475 Support new math, bit, and conditional expressions. These expressions require server version 5.6+.
  • CLIENT-1486 Support user quotas and statistics. This feature requires server version 5.6+.
  • CLIENT-1501 Remove Policy.priority, ScanPolicy.scanPercent and ScanPolicy.failOnClusterChange. The server no longer supports these fields. See Incompatible API change .
  • CLIENT-1502 Support aggregation queries in .NET Core. Upgrade to NeoLua 1.3.13.


  • CLIENT-1494 Detect quick node restart when restarted node never left the cluster. If detected, reset error count and balance connections.
  • CLIENT-1502 Remove unused largelist_example.lua from AerospikeTest.
  • CLIENT-1519 Retry on server timeout if maxRetries and totalTimeout have not been reached. Increment error count on server timeout.
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