Aerospike C Client Release 4.6.14 (April 5, 2020)

Aerospike C client version 4.6.14 was released on April 5, 2020.

This minor release adds new features and bug fixes.


  • CLIENT-1170 Support partition scans. This feature requires server versions >= 4.9.
  • CLIENT-1201 Support max_records in scans. This feature requires server versions >= 4.9.
  • CLIENT-1202 Support creation of list/map in a CDT context. This feature requires server versions >= 4.9.
  • CLIENT-1234 Support HyperLogLog (HLL) operations. This feature requires server versions >= 4.9.


  • CLIENT-1160 For single record transactions, send socket_timeout to the server instead of total_timeout when socket_timeout < total_timeout.
  • CLIENT-1207 Fix use-after-free bug in async retry.
  • Set conn->watching = 0 when watcher is stopped for libev/libevent.
  • Add mutex lock in as_set_external_event_loop().
  • Increment event loop error count in as_uv_fd_error().
  • Reset event loop error count only when connection callback succeeds and not when connection is registered by uv_tcp_connect() for libuv.
  • CLIENT-1218 Set compression level to Z_BEST_SPEED (1) when compression is enabled.
  • CLIENT-1272 Fix recursive stack overflow when async commands executed directly in event loop thread repeatedly cannot find a valid node.
  • Port cpu assignment to FreeBSD.
  • Fix batch docs to reference as_batch_read_destroy() to clean up as_batch_read_records.
  • Add complex batch read example with string keys and values.
  • Change benchmarks timeouts and max_retries defaults.
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