Aerospike C Client Release 4.6.17 (July 9, 2020)

Aerospike C client version 4.6.17 was released on July 9, 2020.

This minor release adds new features and bug fixes.


  • CLIENT-1291 Allow max_socket_idle to be set to zero (no reap). Connections retrieved from pools in transaction threads will not be checked for max_socket_idle when max_socket_idle is zero. Idle connections will still be trimmed down from peak connections to min connections in the cluster tend thread using a hard-coded 55 second limit when max_socket_idle is zero.
  • CLIENT-1305 Disable sleep_between_retries on first failure when retry target node is likely to change.


  • CLIENT-1306 Fix potential async scan/query crash when one query node command fails before another query node command starts.
  • CLIENT-1301 Use consistent as_error/as_status error return codes in sync commands.
  • Remove interim bool in as_node_get_connection().
  • Return correct status code if server response header is corrupted.
  • Increase role name char limit to 64.
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