Aerospike C Client Release 4.6.4 (July 24, 2019)

Aerospike C client version 4.6.4 was released on July 24, 2019.

This minor release adds support for Debian 10 and drops support for Debian 7.
There are also two new features added and four new fixes.


  • Support Debian 10. Drop support for Debian 7.
  • TOOLS-1342 Support write only (write) privilege for user roles.
  • TOOLS-1343 Support IP address whitelist functionality for user roles.


  • CLIENT-1077 Perform retry when current node has exhausted all connections.
  • CLIENT-1078 For replica AS_POLICY_REPLICA_PREFER_RACK, do not retry on same node where command failed if a fallback node exists on any rack.
  • CLIENT-1080 Verify version, type and size when reading all message headers.
  • CLIENT-1089 Use first valid seed node when iterating through seeds on cluster initialization. That seed node will provide the other peer nodes in the cluster.
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