Aerospike C Client

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know if Aerospike C Client works on ARM64 devices? It doesn’t seem like there is an artifact here for the Aerospike C Client running on Ubuntu 18.04 ARM64.

Additionally, I’ve found links that make it seem like Aerospike isn’t actually supported on ARM64, but not sure if that’s just the server or if that applies to the C client as well:

So I just wanted to get some conclusive statement one way or the other: does Aerospike support ARM64? And if not, when can we expect that to happen?

Thanks for your answers everyone!

The Aerospike C client does not currently support ARM64. There are no artifacts built for ARM64. The port to ARM64 has not started.

The plan is to wait for the Aerospike Server to be ported first because the client shares common code with the server. The server port is on the road map, but we can’t commit to a date at this point.

Ok, thanks for the update