Aerospike Client Connection Per Node


Hi Sir/Madam,

How many maximum connection per node that aerospike support?

As per doc, I see default is 300. How do we calculate in our app. Does it based on core size? In my case i set it 2400 in 48 core machine? what is the impact?

Thanks Asisranjan Nayak


It’s based on demand and managed very well through the SmartClient (Aerospike Library). If you are performing very heavy sindex or batch gets for example - your number of connections may grow. You can view your current number of connections through netstat (windows: netstat -ano|findstr :3000 - Linux: ss -tunap|grep :3000).

More importantly, what is your goal? Is there a reason you are concerned about the number of connections?


Hi we have 8 node cluster. We are doing batch gets from 15 boxes and as you said there are lot of connections like 470, 849, 290, 545 etc. So do you suggest I should increase this to say 900 ?? If yes will it not bring down the box due to heavy memory consumptions from these 900 threads? .

The problem we are trying to solve is there are failures while benchmarking for 10k rps. batch size 60, cluster - 8 node (in memory), clients 15 boxes


hey @Adarsh_M_N welcome to the forum! The best advice I can give is to test and see what works for you. Before increasing the allowed number of connections to each server though, check and make sure that the aerospike daemon has enough free connections by looking at the current number of connections and your max . Are these numbers you’re providing from the client, or from the server? The server is for all applications in total, so the 849 on one server might be from many clients - so increasing the client-side limitation from 300 connections might not help.