Aerospike cluster on Kubernetes


Question in short: How can I deploy an aerospike cluster to Kubernetes? (Note: I’m asking in particular for a proper production-like cluster deployment, not just a single node hello-world example)

More info: Kubernetes is a big trending thing at the moment. But when I google aerospike and kubernetes I can’t find anything to help me deploy aerospike to kubernetes. But searching ‘redis kubernetes’ comes up with lots of helpful tutorials.

I’ve found a few things for using aerospike and docker compose so I’m hopeful it’s (a) possible and (b) fairly easy to do!

I’m asking the question here in the hope that others have done it or can help me - and so that if someone else googles ‘kubernetes aerospike’ they’ll find this page.

Thanks in advance for any help.


PS: I’d also like to suggest that aerospike considers putting together a tutorial for this in the long run - I think you’re missing a trick by not having one for kubernetse (same thing for mesos, DC/OS).

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Aerospike cluster on Kubernetes Check this it might help you

Take a look at the aerospike/aerospike-kubernetes repo on Github.

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