Aerospike DB performance Test

Dear Team,

I am trying to benchmark Aerospike for our application. but not getting as expected results.

We are getting write TPS: 6.5Lac and Read TPS: 6.5Lac, but Aerospike teams claimed for 1M TPS.

Test Input: Where data size = 1kb(String data type) nodes in cluster = 3 Storage type = both memory and disk(HDD) Hardware : Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz CPU Core: 40 with Hyper-Threading Write Query Type: single write Read Query Type: single read

That’s unfortunate, but really the only information you’re giving is that you’re using a very old processor (v2 Ivy Bridge). Nothing else about your hardware, nothing about your configuration, little about what the test actually does.

Take a look at the benchmarks on the Aerospike site, such as the recent one versus Couchbase. In order for any benchmark to have any worth it needs to provide details on how to reproduce it. Aerospike described what a proper benchmark is in its manifesto. You are not doing that.

Thank rbotzer, I will try as suggested by you for our benchmark.

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