Benchmark - Google Cloud Platform Blog: Validating 4M TPS using AerospikeDB on a single Aerospike cluster (October 20, 2015)


Aerospike’s latest benchmark test results are in! Aerospike achieved up to 4 Million Transactions Per Second (TPS) on a single Aerospike cluster. These results are significantly faster than the previous December 2014 benchmark, which showed 1 Million write transactions per second with 50 servers, and 1 Million reads per second with 10 servers.

An independent team just validated this benchmark using the most common use case: Aerospike as a simple key-value store, using in-memory (DRAM) data storage with synchronous replication. Individual key-value requests were individual network transactions, and neither batching nor pipelining were used. Compute Engine VMs were used for this test run; the steps to reproduce these results are included.

An improvement of four times the performance at half the price was measured: 4 M reads per second cost $4500/month (vs. $8300/month for the previous 1M read per second configuration).

The combination of Aerospike and GCP is a winner for three reasons:

  1. Powerful, scalable NoSQL Database (able to set up & test with ease)

  2. Quick setup and low cost to run (for this configuration, about $4500 a month for up to 4M reads per second)

  3. Flexibility of the cloud platform (scaling up or down is trivial given the sharding of Aerospike and the speed of working with Compute Engine VMs)

Click here for the full blog post on the Google Cloud Platform Blog.

Try it for yourself and discuss your results in this thread. Feel free to send me your feedback at as well. We look forward to the input of our community!

-Maud (Community Manager of Aerospike)