Aerospike GKE updates?

You currently provide a GKE app on the google market place for the EE edition at a very reasonable price per month (our resource requirements are relatively low, so this works well for us). However it’s not been updated since July, and there has been many updates since then.

We intend to use this for deployment of a new project, is this method still actively supported by Aerospike?


If you have a contact for EE edition, you should reach out to them instead of the community forum. Where do you see that it hasn’t been updated since July?

We are using:

Which lets us purchase the EE license in 1GB increments per node. Which is more than enough for our requirements at the moment. The version of this deployment is build The latest is . It’s not a problem that it’s a few versions out of date, I would just like confirmation that updates will be provided over time. As currently its not been updated since it was launched on the marketplace.

There is the ability to register for support CloudMarketplace Customer Registration | Aerospike but we have not yet been running our instance for 90 days. is stuck in the publishing pipeline with the marketplace. I have followed up with Google and hope to get this version out asap. Please keep in mind that GKE Marketplace is still a beta program, and while Aerospike is dedicated to supporting this offering, there are still kinks to work through.

A big change from GKE to is the addition of authentication into the cluster. The cluster will require users to be added, and credentials will be required of clients. This also means that a seamless rolling update would not be possible. Please be aware of this when the update is finally available.

At this early stage not being able to rolling update isn’t a problem. Glad to see that it’s still supported, thanks for the information.