Aerospike Go Client Release 2.1.0 (April 11, 2019)

Aerospike Go client version 2.1.0 was released on April 11, 2019.

Minor feature and improvements release.


  • Adds a TLS connection example.
  • Adds Cap method to connectionHeap.

New Features

  • Adds WarmUp method for Client, Cluster and Node. This method will fill the connection queue to ensure maximum and smooth performance on start up.


  • Simplify connection Timeout calculation and floor the min timeout to 1ms.
  • Simplify resetting server timeout for each iteration.
  • Adds a few pre-defined errors to avoid allocating them during runtime.

What does the warmup method do? Is there a similar method in C#?

WarmUp pre-fills the connection pool regardless of any transactions. It is done to prepare the client to take big number of requests without having to open connections first and timing out on the first few batch of requests that have to either wait for opening a connection, or idle until a connection is available in the queue.

It is a new API, and if it is successful, it will be implemented in other clients later.

No, there is not a similar method in C#. The WarmUp feature is not available in any other client. Currently the WarmUp feature is only available in the Go Client.

Is there some reason it is only in the go version? Does Go not do well on startup, or do you suspect this is something that will be considered for other versions too?

Khosrow mentioned:

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This feature is already in the pipeline for the Java client. Others will follow later.

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