Aerospike how to do cache analysis

how to do cache analysis , like redis there are tools for analysis from dump file , does aerospike have this tools ?

Hi @totola, I’m not totally sure what it is you’re looking for, could you clarify a bit what you are doing?

To get started though, these metrics may have some information that you find useful.



we want to know the bigest key , hot key , each prefix key count does aerospike support audit log , we also need to know the qps precent on each prefix key

we can already get the hit rate from amc , client_read_not_found cache_read_pct not is what we want

If you are looking for stats on a ‘per key’ basis, the only thing I can think of is to turn on the extra logging for the rw-client context. That will potentially overwhelm the logs as it will have a single log line per transaction logged and you can then script against it… so it will likely not help you but that is all I can think of (I believe there are some features in the backlog to keep track on the server about top most requested keys and things like that but nothing available at this time). Some details on the rw-client context on this article: How To identify read hotkeys.

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