Aerospike Management Console (AMC) CE - Release 3.6.3 (September 25, 2015)

Version 3.6.3 of the AMC CE was released on September 25, 2015 and is available for download here.

The Aerospike Management Console (AMC) Community Edition is a web-based tool to monitor/manage an Aerospike cluster. It provides live updates to the current status of a cluster. It also includes features to let you see at a glance the throughput, storage usage, and configuration of a cluster.For detailed instructions on installing AMC, use our installation guide.

Release 3.6.3 of AMC contains a number of features and fixes:


  • AER-2439: Enable log rotation for AMC logs.
  • AER-4425: Support Aerospike scan and batch changes for AMC Jobs page.
  • AER-4428: AMC dashboard namespace UI improvements.


  • AER-4210: Remove 90% stop write indicator for disk.
  • AER-1893: Mapping NodeID of Aerospike along with NodeIP.
  • AER-4295: Change AMC service status code.
  • AER-2744: Better handling of AMC install failures.
  • AER-4352: Handling alpha-numeric build numbers for Aerospike server builds.

The release notes are available here.

Can we fix packaging for Debian, pretty please?


We are already aware of your issue about not being able to install AMC on Debian 7 as you posted it here, though we at Aerospike are able to install AMC on Debian 7.8. Please answer the question posed here by @Aditi_Avalkar so we move forward with resolving your issue.