Aerospike not starting with this config - no error in log

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to follow suggestions mentioned here but for some reason when I tried to put parameters such as write-block-size and max-write-cache but when I get the syntax like

namespace big-vol1 {
    replication-factor 4
    memory-size 64G
    default-ttl 7200
    max-ttl 3650D
    high-water-disk-pct 80
    high-water-memory-pct 80
    write-block-size 2048
    max-write-cache 128M

           storage-engine device {
            device /dev/sdb1
            write-block-size 128K
            data-in-memory false

With this config, however, my asd would not even start. No error messages in the log either.

Here’s my build info

6 : build_time Sat Jul 29 01:30:26 UTC 2017 7 : edition Aerospike Community Edition 8 : version Aerospike Community Edition build

Any idea why this may be?



I would expect the logs to tell you why it didn’t start. The config is not correct, you have write-block-size specified twice, one of them at the wrong place and also with a bad value.

Thanks. You were right - both parameters had to go under the storage-engine section.

The logs failed to register anything - I figured it was a misconfiguration but couldn’t tell what kind.

Thanks again,


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