Aerospike on Amazon free tier?


Is there a way to install the trial AMI in the Amazon Free Tier option? (not sure if Amazon allows)

I’m testing different NoSQL alternatives for a project. It would be nice if there’s a way to deploy Aerospike (any version) in the free-tier. We’re not load-testing at this point. Only proof-of-concept.

Thanks, Lucio


Hi Lucio,

Aerospike AMI doesn’t support the free tier. But I was able to get Aerospike running by doing a manual install. To download manually follow this installation instruction after you have kicked off a free tier AMI instance.


If you choose Red Hat Linux under AMI free tier, click on the following “Install on Red Hat” on the Aerospike site, and follow the instruction.

But as a reminder the free tier is limited to a range of IOPS and performance.

For more information on which Amazon Instance we support, you can read more here.



Hi Lucio,

The current available AMI is indeed not available for micro instances, but we are planning on making our next version available on t2.micro instances which should be part of the free tier.

We hope to have this out within the next week or so.

As Jerry pointed out, you could at this point proceed with a manual installation of our community edition.

Thanks, –meher


Very awesome!! I’ll wait for the new AMI. If you don’t mind me keeping the thread going, I’ll post a comment when I get my hands on it.

Thank you


Sure, would be great to get your feedback.

New AMI (version 3.3.21) has been submitted to AWS Marketplace and should be available within 5 business days hopefully.