New EC2 I3 Instance Type optimized for SSDs NOT WORKING FOR AEROSPIKE?

The newly launched I3 series of AWS ec2 instances is very apt for aerospike SSD+DRAM confiuration with very less cost comapared to I2 series. But the new series is not compatible with aerospike AMI.

Would be good to have aerospike compatible image for I3 series

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Check this blog…

Good point, we’re on it, thanks for reporting.

Until we get a fixed ami ASAP, Aerospike is compatible with the instances ( and the blog post shows it ! ), so you can simply dpkg install the RHEL 6 binary.

( The issue has something to do with the “make valid for new instance types” bit which should be set on the binary )


We are reaching out to our AWS AMI MarketPlace contact to see why those instances are still marked as ‘non compatbile’ with the AMI we publish. In the meantime, you should be able to manually install Aerospike on such instances.

When can we expect the standardised ami to be compatible with the i3 series ?

I unfortunately don’t have an ETA yet. We have reached out to AWS Marketplace and it is out of our hand… I really hope any day… You can easily install the software on a vanilla Amazon Linux instance and then create your own AMI if necessary.

Hi Meher

Will the performance be same if I install Aerospike on the mentioned Amazon ami ? I guess in the standardised ami there are some network optimization done which would otherwise be missing

I don’t believe there are any optimization done in the AMI we publish… it is the base Amazon Linux AMI with the software installed. I’ll have someone double check to confirm.

Our AMI contains the following:

  • AMC
  • Aerospike Server
  • and our Java Client.

Since we build on top of the latest Amazon Linux, no additional tuning was necessary. The only configurations done are:

  • Swapping in the Mesh network config file
  • Adding Basic Auth credentials to AMC