Aerospike oom

version: aerospike has set stop write 90% ,but before reach the stop write , service running out of memory ,server has 61G memory , aerospike set 58G dmesg log and configuration file in attachement

oom.gz (16.0 KB)

Hey @totola! Here are two articles on OOM issues and how to troubleshoot those -

Hope this helps

Stop-write can take time to trigger, so it could go above 90% for some time potentially. This also doesn’t stop replica/migrations. 90% is very high and allocating all but 2G to a machine is risky too. I usually don’t set hwm over 70%… Do you have your HWM set to >60? Did your usage go over your HWM? There are other bits of overhead that use that memory in Aerospike too that don’t abide to the namespace usage. You really just need to leave more free memory for the OS, overhead, and other things to run. There’s nothing we can do to help you squeeze out another ~4G of ram out of nothing.

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