Community Edition - How to configure the memory to avoid OOM

our mechine is 62G memory , we configure 60G to aerospike with high-water-memory-pct 80% but when usage reach the high-water-mark the aerospike cause oom crash my question is what is the best practice of the precentage of memory to configure , when aerospike is the only service in mechine

I usually leave 8-10GB of memory to the system. The ‘rule of thumb’ is 10%, but that is really too little for very small machines and way too much for systems with 700GB+mem.

thanks for your reply , the documentation just say " Make sure that the combined memory-size of your namespaces does not exceed the available RAM on the machine. Enough memory should be reserved for the OS, namespace overhead, and other software running on the machine." but that not very clearly for me to make decision . i think if i can limit the maximum use of buffer memory and cache memory use may help

Buffer and cache memory are almost synonymous with free. If the only remaining memory is buffer/cache, the kernel will give that to processes requesting memory.

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