Aerospike start problem

Hi. I have a problem with the aeospike start. I have two namespaces in my db with totally ~ 500 million records. When i used HDD + RAM storage there were no problems with starting and stopping aerospike. But when i install SSD and fiil in my db i could not restart aerospike Aerospike process just takes all the CPU cores load and cannot fiil in new records because they all have already inserted.

There are so many aerospikeconf processes

Please, tell me:

  1. How can i start aerospike?
  2. If it is impossible, how can i manually clear SSD from records and reinstall aerospike?

You can use blkdiscard to initialize your SSD’s assuming you no longer need the data written on it.

Don’t use dd which is too slow and reduce the life-span of SSD’s.