Aerospike Tools Release 5.2.0 (May 10, 2021)

Aerospike Tools version 5.2.0 was released on May 10, 2021.

  • As of Aerospike Server 4.9 scans are correct. The scan priority, fail_on_cluster_change, and scan percent options, that were deprecated in Aerospike Server 4.9 and are removed in Aerospike Server 5.6, have also been removed from aql, asvalidation, and asbackup.
    • In asbackup, the alternative to the removed scan priority is to use the --records-per-second flag.
    • In asbackup, the -c or --no-cluster-change flag is not necessary and has been removed.
    • In asbackup, the alternative to the removed scan percent is to use the --max-records flag.
  • The ASADM output format has been revised as of Aerospike Tools version 5.0.1 and could break user’s scripts.
  • openssl-1.1.1.k is now statically linked into asbackup, aql, and asvalidation.
  • Aerospike Tools currently supports Python3.6 to Python3.9.
  • The “python3” binary path must now resolve. For example: /usr/bin/env python3. The “python” binary path is no longer used.
  • The Aerospike CDT Validation Tool addresses the following types of CDT issues, which require certain Aerospike Server versions to detect or correct.
    • Order: The CDT bin has elements out of order. Performing operations on Ordered Lists under Aerospike to may have corrupted records. Fixing this problem requires Aerospike Server version 4.5.3 or newer. If also using XDR, before upgrading to Aerospike 4.6.0 or newer, you must run asvalidation .
    • Padding: The bin has garbage bytes after the valid list or map. This issue is resolved in Aerospike Server version 4.6.0 or newer. For Aerospike Server version 4.5.3 or earlier this issue can be fixed by running the asvalidation tool.
  • We have removed support for Ubuntu 16.04.

New Features

  • [TOOLS-1668] - (ASADM) User and role management commands should support rate limits.
  • [TOOLS-1702] - (ASBACKUP) Zstandard compression for asbackup/asrestore.
  • [TOOLS-1703] - (ASBACKUP) A user should be able to backup multiple sets at once.
  • [TOOLS-1704] - (ASBACKUP) Support backup encryption.


  • [TOOLS-1677] - (TOOLS) Remove Python 3.5 support.
  • [TOOLS-1683] - (TOOLS) Add Python 3.9 support.
  • [TOOLS-1693] - (TOOLS) Remove scan priority, fail_on_cluster_change, and percent options from aql, asvalidation, and asbackup.
  • [TOOLS-1663] - (ASADM) Inspect and revise the asadm help (asadm --help & Admin> help).
  • [TOOLS-1665] - (ASADM) Update asadm cryptography dependency to 3.4.7.
  • [TOOLS-1675] - (ASADM) The manage acl create user command should accept roles or role as a valid keyword argument.
  • [TOOLS-1689] - (ASADM) Remove the ability to use a hashed password in asadm.
  • [TOOLS-1467] - (ASBACKUP) Support for max records option in asbackup.
  • [TOOLS-1660] - (ASBACKUP) Support Boolean particle type.
  • [TOOLS-1705] - (ASBACKUP) Change partition-filter to partition-list.
  • [TOOLS-1706] - (ASBACKUP) Remove node-list option.


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