AEROSPIKE without 'root' user in Linux

Hi, I want to start Aerospike, with a user other than ‘root’ user, in linux. Please clarify below queries:

  1. Can we use Aerospike, without interaction of root user? If so, how?

  2. Does Aerospike supports on AIX server?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your questions.

  1. Yes, you can run Aerospike as non-root. See this documentation for more information:

  2. We do not support AIX but feel free to try and compile it and lets us know how it goes as I do not recall anyone having tried this.

Thanks Petter

Thanks Petter!! I Read through the link you shared. there it is mentioned like “Aerospike server can be started only by root user or by a user with sudo permissions.

So, super user has to grant sudo permission to my user. My question is: While granting sudo permission, what should be the minimum eligibility granted by the super user?

Another question is: Whats the need to ‘root’ privilege to start Aerospike?

Any suggestion is appropriated. Thanks again.