Problem with ./aerospike init

I’m getting these errors: gist:565ec322c915bb581233 · GitHub

What could be the problem here? I tried as root as well with similar errors. Is there any workaround?

I’m on Opensuse 13.2


How are your trying to install aerospike? Are you using the asinstall script available within the downloaded tar package or some other way?

I dont see any special install script, I tried what is described here:

So unless I’m reading this completely wrong, the only initialization I need to do is to call “./bin/aerospike init” which I did and that results in the errors given in my gist link. Are there any undocumented installation options?


Sorry for the delay. We are checking more on this error and will get back to you shortly.


In the meanwhile you can start the aerospike server by using

sudo ./bin/aerospike start

and it should work fine.