AMC Dashboard: Queries don't show under read activity in the Community Edition of Aerospike Server


Hi, currently on the dashboard I can see how many writes are happening, but reads show no activity and I am executing 7 queries. Queries don’t show under read activity.

It would be nice to see how many queries/sec are executing on the dashboard. :smile:


Noted. We are trying to keep the dashboard very simple. We need to see if this is a common request and how to fit this in the dashboard. Hope you understand.

In case you are using enterprise version of the product, there is a latency tab in AMC and it show the queries per sec and also the latency of the queries for each node.


Ok cool. Thanks. is there a way to see queries per sec in community?


They are printed in the log file of each node. You can use the asloglatency tool to see the number of queries per second and the time taken for each of them.


Ok cool which stat can I look for?


Ok I think this is the one…

asloglatency -l /xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/aerospike.log -h query



Yes, you are right. If you are looking in the default log, you can skip the log file argument.