AMC secondary index bin is missing while monitor the newest server

The Bin column is blank in the Secondary Index list under the Definitions tab while using the newest server

I reviewed the server code in the secondary_index.c, in as_sindex_list_str function, the response string changed from the bins to bin in json data.

{"cluster_status": "on", "indexes": [{“bin”: “p_0”, "sync_state": "synced", "set": "metric_tags", "indexname": "Index_0", "indextype": "NONE", "node_status": "on", "state": "RW", "path": "p_0", "ns": "youzan-ldt", "type": "NUMERIC"}]}


This is deliberate change, the original system was designed to be able to specify multiple bins for index definition for future support of compound indexes. We have rehashed the plan hence index defiinition now has only one bin in it.

HTH – Raj

So I think it means the AMC will be updated to catch up this change?


That is right

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