Any way to identify that record merging is happening?


Is there any way to identify that Aerospike is healing from a network partition ? Is there any first class support for that ? (I feel there is none.)

If not, can I do a log mining for any record merging message ? I see that some log messages are emitted for migration. Are there any such for merging also ?

My intention is read back from source of truth in such scenario so that I can prevent any write loss.(when higher generations overwrite lower generations for the same key)

Kindly let me know. Thanks.

Currently, Aerospike has 2 built-in automatic conflict resolution, which either resolves copies based on last-writer-win (using TTL of the record), or most-often-written (using generation of the record). The default is most-often-written.

There isn’t a message printed explicitly when a data is being merged. This will be an idea we will consider, thanks.

We understand your use case. Our aspiration has always been to provide an application-level option to allow application to look at each copy of the data. As we get closer to achieving this, we’ll let folks know.

Thanks @wchu for the reply. And great to know that you will consider logging these messages in future releases.

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