Conflict Resolution Handle By Application Option Available?


Was going through one of your documents. This says under Handling conflict.

Auto merge works as follows:

• TTL (time-to-live) based: The record with the highest TTL wins

• Generation based: The record with the highest generation wins

Application merge works as follows:

• When two versions of the same data item are available in the cluster, a read of this value will return both versions, allowing the application to resolve the inconsistency.

• The client application – the only entity with knowledge of how to resolve these differences – must then re-write the data in a consistent fashion.

Wanted to know if Application based merge still works ? As Other place the options of handling conflicts are either ttl or generation.

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Currently, TTL and generation are still the only 2 options available for handling conflict.

Hi @wchu

Can you please confirm if this is an outdated config now:

In light of your above answer, it looks like this config is no more supported. Kindly confirm and deprecate it in doc if that’s the case. Thanks.