Apache Spark — How are you using it?


Hi folks! Apache Spark caught fire throughout 2014, especially since it became an Apache Top-Level Project in February.

Our CTO, Brian Bulkowski, is quite interested in speaking to forward-thinking technologists working with Apache Spark in their environments. If you are working on some awesome Spark projects, let us know.

Though there’s an Aerospike Spark connector, this topic isn’t just for Aerospike database customers; it’s more of an open-ended invitation to talk to anyone doing cool stuff with Spark. So if you know a peer who is doing something “really interesting,” send them our way! We’d love to be in touch.

If you’re comfortable sharing publicly, post below about what you’re doing. If you’d rather be a bit more confidential in your communications, feel free to contact me by email: pcorless@aerospike.com.

Please share the following if you can:

  • Project description
  • Any project info: docs, presentations, videos, github or other links, etc.
  • Success stories, barriers, forward-thinking observations

I’ll share your ideas and work with Brian. He may not be able to get to everyone, but he’ll reach out to a few of you for more in-depth conversations.

Peter Corless Aerospike

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