Are 4096 partitions enough for hundreds of TBs of data?


We have a setup with about 100TBs data. If divided by 4096 partitions, that is 25GB for every partition. I have 2 worries:

  1. Does aerospike work well with about 50-100 nodes? Maybe too many heartbeats or other issues.
  2. Does rebalance work well with 25GB per partition? Maybe rebalance will cost too much time.

Thanks very much.

We do not expect increasing the number of partitions would improve migrations performance. For large data sets, some operations may be marginally improved by having more partitions.

We have tested internally with cluster > 100 nodes but there is a hard limit of 127 node in an Aerospike cluster. The largest production cluster that I am aware of was about 48 nodes. I wouldn’t expect the number of heartbeats to be a problem, but if it were they can be tuned down.

In the 3.5.x releases, migration has been significantly improved. But if a server were to be stopped and then started all of the partitions that were assigned to it would need to be resynced which will take some time. With more nodes in the cluster there will be less partitions assigned to any particular node which results in less partitions migrated for single node outages.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Then we will do more test with our data set.

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