Are bins that are not indexed stored in memory?


I am going through the server memory requirements and I believe only primary key and indexes drive the memory requirements. Is that correct?



Thanks for your question.

For the use cases where data is not stored in memory you are almost correct. Let me explain a bit more:

1- Data not in memory. See details here for storage configuration. Basically, the assumption I am making is that you have data-in-memory false (or not set at all as default is false) and you are not using storage-engine memory either of course.

2- By default, Aerospike does not store the primary key, but rather only a hash of it using the RIPEMD-160 algorithm wich will take a key of any length and return a 20 bytes digest. Even if the primary key is specified (through client policy) to be stored, it will not be stored in the index.

Having gone over the previous 2 points, yes, only primary index (fixed 64 bytes per record) and potential secondary indices will drive memory requirements. See details here for storage capacity planning.