Memory to Disk Ratio with "data-in-memory false"

Hi, I have a namespace where the storage-engine = device, and inside that stanza data-in-memory is false.

In such a configuration as I understand it, memory will only store the primary index? Or does it also store secondary indices in memory?

I am assuming that I only need to ensure that there is enough memory for the number of objects I have, using this formula: 64 bytes × (replication factor) × (number of records) ? Or is there any thing more complex I need to calculate in this scenario? Tks

Only primary index is stored in memory with data on device, not your data, but yes secondary index still goes in memory too. You got it, 64b*n_objects*RF Capacity Planning Guide | Aerospike Documentation . There’s a separate more complex formula for secondary index Secondary Index Capacity Planning | Aerospike Documentation

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Secondary Indexes starting with ver 6.0 have significantly reduced their memory footprint and are much simpler to estimate sizing for all data types.