as_query_limit is documented but no declaration or symbol included in library (AER-3141)


I’m trying to limit the number of results returned by aerospike_query_foreach. My sample code is very similar to the examples shipped with the c client library for ubuntu.

as_query *query;
query = malloc(sizeof(as_query));
as_query_init(query, g_namespace, g_set);

as_query_select_init(query, 2);
as_query_select(query, "stamp");
as_query_select(query, "originalId");
as_query_limit(query, 100);
as_query_where_init(query, 1);
as_query_where(query, "stamp", integer_range(1, 9999999999));

The as_query_limit() function is documented here: C Client API: Query Operations

and in aerospike_query.h

The version of aerospike c-client library i’m using is: 3.0.87 on Ubuntu, specifically, aerospike-client-c-3.0.87.ubuntu12.04.x86_64

When I compile my program, I get this error: /root/aerospike-units/query/query-performance.c:80: undefined reference to `as_query_limit’

Inspecting libaerospike.a and for symbols reveal no results:

$ nm /usr/lib/libaerospike.a /usr/lib/ | grep -i as_query_limit
$ nm /usr/lib/libaerospike.a /usr/lib/ | grep -i query_limit
0000000000001fa2 T cl_query_limit
000000000001afd2 T cl_query_limit

Iis this a bug or on purpose?

Best Regards, Leonidas Tsampros

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The documentation is erroneous. Currently as_query_limit() is not implemented. Documentation will be updated. Thanks.

Are there any plans for this to get implemented?

Yes. Had some discussion internally. We plan to have this work prioritized. Will report when we have a more predictable “when”.

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A JIRA has been filed to follow up on this; it’s AER-3141, just for reference. Please stay tuned for updates on our progress (but we still can’t give an answer re: when the work will be done).