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is it possible / do you have plans to implement a query feature to filter based on the first positions of the key, kindalike the like ‘a%’ functionality in SQL. I am asking this because I really like Aerospike, and I would like to use as it as a low-latency backend for my frontend application. But in this application we have plans to add some autocomplete features and for that it’s required (I think) to query by the first position of a key,

thanks in advance, Richard

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Hi Richard,

At current there are no such plans but I will forward this to the dev team regardless as all suggestions are considered.

Thanks Petter

Hi Petter,

thanks for the update, Richard

Yes, it is possible if you write a lua function using regular expression. I created udf function using regular expression.

Hi , bazor can you be more specific about how you would do it?