Bin name problem with 14 characters limitation!

hi all,

I am using Aerospike. I have setup Aerospike server by using Docker images. I build a .NET core C# solution and import Aerospike Client to the solution.

However I got the problem with the following code

AerospikeClient client = new AerospikeClient(“localhost”, 3000);

WritePolicy policy = new WritePolicy();

policy.totalTimeout = 50;

var key = new Key(“test”, “mytest”, “mykey”);

Bin bin = new Bin(“my”, 25555);

client.Put(policy, key, bin);

It throws the exception which si “bin name length greater than 14 characters or maximum bins exceeded”. If I changed the bin name to “mybin” then it works.

I tried to find the problem and fix it but I have no idea why.

This is the first time I use Aerospike so I might make some mistake.

Please could you guys help me?



The code you provided works fine. I did have to change those unicode “smart quotes” to regular double quotes (ascii value 34) to get your code to compile.

Unfortunately it did not work in my machine.

Are you using Aerospike docker image and .Net core client package for your project? What is about your Aerospike config? Also, I am coding on Windows 10 with .Net core 2.1 but when I changed to .Net framework 4.6 then it also did not work


You said it worked if you changed the bin name from “my” to “mybin”. Is that correct?

It works for mybin and not for my :frowning: