Limitation of Number of Characters in a value of a bin



I have a set named ‘Profile’. ‘Profile’ has two bins: ‘name’ and ‘description’. Bin ‘description’ is not accepting characters more than 254. Can you please explain me about this limitation and how to extend this limitation?

By rephrasing a question: How long a string can be saved into aerospike. I have read in that String can be arbitrary size bound by record size (128 KB). While, I am entering string with only 254 characters and it is not saving in Aerospike completely. It cuts the string.

I tried to fulfill my requirement by using complex datatypes also , but still getting cutted values in DB. Please guide me about details.


That sounds odd. Can you add some code to reproduce it, and state which client you’re using, its version, and which version of the server?


I am using Aerospike-community 3.7.3. Scenario: I used the following command to enter a simple record in set ‘profile’:

ascli put mguAnalytics profile hafsa '{"name":"hafsa","description":"User has set many levels in our system. She is an occasional user. Her profile is not completed and we need to communicate with her. She is also using shopping portal, shopping cart and mainly shop books. She has brought two users more but the are not active. She is also watching movies, main categories are : Thrill, fiction, drama and fantasy. She does not like horror stuff. She is notified by new releases of these genres."}'.

It inserts the record without any error and when I used select * to see the record, I get this result:

I am really looking forward to your help and suggestions.


If you read that record with any other client, for example the Python one, is the data actually truncated? It’s more likely that it’s a display issue in AQL. Are you using the latest tools package?


I am using NodeJS client to insert records in Aerospike for this task. From Nodejs client, its is truncated, then I test it with command line and get the same results. In aeropsike folder, I have this tool folder: aerospike-tools-3.7.3.ubuntu12.04.x86_64.deb. Should I need to do any configuration settings or something else. Give me minutes to read the record from NodeJS client and then inform you.


I have read records through nodejs client and it is perfect NO TRUNCATION, yes you are right , it is a limitation of AQL. Thank you so much for your guidance.


Only a general question, Is there any limitation of long strings, JSON strings or no of items in a list by Aerospike? or can I send any size of string and any number of items in a list? Please guide me about this


There is no limit on the size of any bin, other than the write-block-size if your data is on disk. It can be one giant bin or any combination, as long as it fits. If the data is in memory there is no limit (though giant records will perform badly on the network).

Please check that you have tools 3.7.3 installed. It may fix the AQL bug you’re seeing.