[BUG] Segment Fault crash on CE

Hi everyone,

For the last few days till now I constantly got this crash on Server CE Look like it happen when insert

Few configs if it helps:

  • Replication: 2
  • Shadow device: 1 ssd - 1 hdd

Please help, thanks

Per the release notes, there seem to be one known issue that would cause a crash:

  • [AER-6339] - (KVS) On certain bitwise blob operations (and, or, xor), an out of bounds byte may be accessed and cause a crash. Fixed in version .

Do you use such bitwise blob operations by any chance?

Otherwise, could you provide more input on what type of records are being inserted and maybe, if possible, the full configuration?

Actually it seems our QE team also found a crash with a similar stack trace which would indicate it is something new. Will let you know if I gather more info.

It’s nice to know, Thanks

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