AER-dddd - can we view more details on bugs and jira

Hey guys,

I was curious if there was any way to view more info on the internal JIRAs like this [AER-5445] - (KVS) Rare crash caused by duplicate resolution response and retransmit race.

The notes leave a lot to the imagination here. This is pretty much the same across the board. I’d really like to be able to get more details like How does it manifest? What frequency or volume were these issues occ Red in? How did you identify the bug? Etc…

When showing the notes to anyone in our community, especially when we are plagued by any specific bug, it’s difficult to make a confident move forward with so little detail

Thanks for the recommendation. This is definitely a direction we’d like to move towards.

Some guideline for the interim -

(1) Search in the release note if this is a known recent regression. For this one, it was introduced in 3.11.0 and was reported We quickly put out a patch for it.

(2) Our check-ins do get paired up with the internal JIRA numbers, so searching on the github can also provide additional info.

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