Bulk Write - Read .Net Core

Hi i am newb on aerospike i have finished .net core documented tutorials I want to write and read bit large data(100 000 row record) with simple way.

Shoul i have to use this technique ?


Create keys one by one and read them one by one?

You have to write record one-by-one, but you can use batch read to fetch many keys at once. https://www.aerospike.com/docs/client/c/usage/kvs/batch.html

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Thanks Albot, Write is working but, I have tried to batch read that 100.000 records but i am gettin this error; “Batch max requests have been exceeded”

Red part is my vm ip

I have windows 10, using Vagrant vm.

There is a configurable limit to the number of records you can fetch per batch request. See the defaults under this page https://www.aerospike.com/docs/guide/batch.html the reason its limited by default is that it can overload the client easily.

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Thanks again.

This is my third day of reaserching and very excited.

I hope i will not hit some walls just because i am “windows dotnet guy” :slight_smile:

Don’t think you’ll run into problems, its much easier than many windows products :stuck_out_tongue: think you’ll love it

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