Bytes as Outline Data

I have a table with records like: PK, Int1, Int2, Bytes1, Bytes2, Bytes3 Those BytesX Bins are about 1~3KB each, and never changed once put in DB.

When add a new Bin Bytes4 into the same PK: PK, Int1, Int2, Bytes1, Bytes2, Bytes3, Bytes4 What Aerospike does is to remove previous record (with 3 Bins of Bytes as Inline data) for PK, and add a new record (with 4 Bins of Bytes as Inline data) with the same PK. That results in a large disk I/O Writing (DB In-Memory + disk Persistence).

Could those Bins of Bytes store as Outline data? Thus only a Pointer (int) is stored as Inline data in the record which linked to the Outline Bytes data, and reduce disk I/O Writing significantly.

Aerospike LDT lmap sub-records is an idea way for my use case, but with bad performance (8X slower):

An alternative way is to separate those Bins of Bytes into another table: Table1: PK, Int1, Int2, 1, 2, 3, …

Table2: PK:1, Bytes1 PK:2, Bytes2 PK:3, Bytes3 …

But Aerospike lack of Batch Remove support (need to remove multiple records from Table2 when remove one record from Table1):