C Client build error with foreach loop in query

Hi, i am trying to write a client in c++. I inserted data into lists. Later when i want to retrieve data using query foreach opration, it was failed to build by saying type mismatch between my callback functiona and library call back function. You can find the error in below text.

database_manager.cpp:126:112: error: cannot convert âCDataBaseManager::ProcessResultsâ from type âbool (CDataBaseManager::)(const as_val*, void*) {aka bool (CDataBaseManager::)(const as_val_s*, void*)}â to type âaerospike_query_foreach_callback {aka bool ()(const as_val_s, void*)}â if (aerospike_query_foreach(&m_asConnection, &error, NULL, &query, CDataBaseManager::ProcessResults, NULL) != AEROSPIKE_OK) ^ make: *** [database_manager.o] Error 1