C# Client scan Connection reset by peer


Hello. We use c# to scan data on aerospike (we have cluster of two nodes v3.12.0). But after scan some data we get an error. On client side: Error code 11. Connection closed On server side (include detail log level for scan): Jun 15 2017 13:11:46 GMT: WARNING (scan): (scan.c:384) send error - fd 438 sz 743225 Connection reset by peer Jun 15 2017 13:11:46 GMT: INFO (scan): (scan.c:735) finished basic scan job 14401538300807177024 (-1).

Network works fine at the problem time. What type of problem it could be ? I know that scan end (-1) mean: -1 - error (other than a timeout) sending response to client - AS_JOB_FAIL_RESPONSE_ERROR But what is it mean on practice. How we can solve this problem ?