Can I make 3 clusters in 3 regions of 3 nodes each, if I use aerospike community edition?

Since in aerospike community edition there is a limit of 8 nodes, so had this query. If not, what do you suggest?

Each cluster can have up to 8 nodes with the Community Edition (CE), but you can have as many separate clusters as you wish. However unlike the Enterprise Edition (EE) you cannot connect them via XDR to keep them (loosely) in sync. Nor can you have a multi-site cluster with 3 nodes in 3 regions with CE if that’s what you intend. If so, you will have to limit the number of nodes to 8 for a CE multi-site cluster. Multiple node distributions involving 2 or 3 sites (regions) are possible, although sites should be symmetric and therefore the asymmetric 3-3-2 node distribution is not recommended.

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