Is there any user case about more than one hundreds clusters for aerospike

in my use case, we may have more than 100 parters and each of them has one aerospike cluster, and the data among then also need to sync, so is there any use case about more than 100 clusters for aerosike? thanks a lot

Why would you not separate those partners by sets in a single namespace of a single cluster?

in our ecosystem, we have many participants and all of them wants to share some data which we want to store in Aerospike cluster, and each participant may want to build one aeorspike cluster in theirselves datacenter, and each participant can modify the records in this namespace and updates need to sync to others, so is there any use case for XDR among more than 100 aerospike clusters. Assuming there are no confliction .

XDR is only available in Enterprise Edition.

Yes, we use Enterprise now. So is there any case for more than hundreds clusters

Thanks for you reply.

You are then looking at a “STAR” topology where one central cluster is synching to 100 other clusters. In that topology, currently XDR is limited to max 32 DCs. If you have a compelling use case, reach out directly to Aerospike Support and see if you can make a feature request for your use case.

You can certainly do some kind of a “CHAIN” topology or multiple STARS with linking CHAINs … the max any DC can XDR to is 32 DCs currently. Aerospike offers AS201 - XDR Training course which may of value down the road as well.