Can i read data from asbackup to get all the bins values including PKs and Edigest?

Dear team, is it possible to get the record details including Metadata like Edigest, PK from the asbackup ? By default, we do not make visible our PKs in the record.

Thanks in advance!!

Regards Asif

The transaction, sent from the client, determines which PKs are stored and which are not. If the client doesn’t send the PK, then the DB doesn’t know the actual value, only the digest.

The backup will include the PKs (as well as digests) for the records the client sent a PK for.

Thanks a lot for the reply !

In our case, client do not send PK.

Following is what I found in the backup file:

  • n dscglobal
  • d pJg1Zv1WpwQ1u/J9SCjBPx4zILw=
  • s Device_e164
  • g 1
  • t 0
  • b 1
  • M keyList 64 gdoAIgN1bmtub3duX3NwczQ0XzIwMjAwNzA4MDAyNDE2NjczXzHPBBAAAAAAhAE=

while my record is: select * from dscglobal.Device_e164

[ [ { “edigest”: “pJg1Zv1WpwQ1u/J9SCjBPx4zILw=”, “set”: “Device_e164”, “ttl”: -1, “gen”: 1, “bins”: { “keyList”: { “unknown_sps44_20200708002416673_1”: 292733975779116033 } } } ], [ { “Status”: 0 } ] ]

// Both the o/p are not similar except edigest. How to get or decode keyList from backup file ?

Here “keyList” is a map bin within a record. The backup tool encodes binary data into base64. Once you decode the base64, the map will need to be decoded from MsgPack. Our MsgPack isn’t standard, strings and binarys have an extra byte at the beginning to indicate the type of string/blob. There are some other differences and extensions as well for lists and maps.

Probably best to look at how the C clients msgpack toolkit.

BTW, these records appear to be the same to me. Same bin name, same generation, set name, etc, I’m not sure what you see that is dissimilar.

Thanks for the info!! Records are same, but not readable from asbackup and you explained well the reason behind it.

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