Can XDR be used along with Rack?


I can’t find any documentation that is authoritatively answering this, but is it possible to use both Rack and XDR? We have multiple clusters and are using XDR, but would like for each of those clusters to be rack, with replication between the clusters handled by XDR.

Thank you, Eric

You can definitely setup clusters individually on different racks or availability zones and then have XDR configured between them. You wouldn’t have to leverage the rack aware feature itself. A cluster running within a rack would have all its nodes with the same rack-id (which is the same as keeping the default rack-id: 0).

The rack aware feature is useful for spanning a single cluster across different racks or availability zones. This blog should help understand the difference: Aerospike Database 5: Multi-site Clustering and Cross Datacenter Replication | Aerospike.

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