Cannot get 1M TPS on Amazon EC2


We are currently surveying high performance NoSQL databases on EC2 and saw 1 Aerospike Server X 1 Amazon EC2 Instance = 1 Million TPS For Just $1.68/Hour which shows promising result so we decided to give it a try. We followed the instructions on the article to setup benchmarking environment but only got about 300K TPS. Could you give us a hand to see what might go wrong?

Some strange things happened during our test. First, we could not make a single client to produce 250K TPS when we set the thread numbers to 40 (-z 40) as instructed. We tried setting it to 70, then 250K TPS was achieved. Second, no matter how the number of threads was (-z 40~100), the TPS each client got decreased when a new client joined. And finally, the server could only process total 300K TPS. We have no idea where the problem came from. Maybe it’s network or the limitation of server? Any suggestion woulb be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Aerospike has detail intructions at the following link which may be able to help guide you:

Please try :


Thank you very much! 1M TPS has been achieved by tuning the network setting in the detailed guide!

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Thanks for the feedback!