CentOS 7.3 minimum install, optimisations



I am testing Aerospike on my bare metal server and I am wondering, what steps can I take, after installing CentOS 7.3 minimum, to optimise the system for maximum performance for use with Aerospike?




AFAIK There aren’t any special changes they recommend different than the 6.0 considerations. The only difference I have noticed is that some of my issues show up in journald instead of the /var/log/aerospike/aerospike.log.



If you give use an idea of your configuration we may be able to add more specific settings. Here are a few things you can look at to improve the performance.

SSD performance.

You can over provision your SSDs.

Partitioning your SSDs can help with the defragmentation workload. So take a 1.5 TB SSD and partition it into 4 drives. Aligning your partitions on the SSD write block boundaries helps the performance.

If you are using SSDs we haven’t benchmarked, It is good to run the Aerospike Certification Tool(ACT) on your SSDs to understand the performance level of the SSDs.


Stop irqbalance and do an irqbalance oneshot. Using receive packet steering(RPS) can help if you have heavy workloads. Here are some links for system level networking optimization http://www.slashroot.in/linux-network-tcp-performance-tuning-sysctl http://www.nateware.com/linux-network-tuning-for-2013.html#.WI9_qqOZPUY

Aerospike Configuration

Set the service threads to the number of cores on the server. Set the transaction queues to the number of cores on the server. If you are using SSDs, set defrag-sleep to 0 when there are high write workloads. If you are using SSDs the write-block-size should be set to 128K. If you are using SSDs and you have enough memory, you can adjust the post-write-queue size to 2048 That will allocate 2G of memory per partition or drive that you have listed in your configuration file.

Regards Tibor


Thank you Tibor, I will look into your suggestions and try to test if I can get performance improved. (performance is absolutely not bad to start with ! :slight_smile: )