Clarification on stop writes working




We have 10 node cluster out of them 4 nodes have RAM usage 75% percent so increased high water mark percent to 75 % and some records got evicted.

Does this records gets deleted from SSD also or only RAM?

Instead of increasing if I add stop-writes to 75 % what will happen?

Let’s say in NODE_1 I have record 12345.

There is an update request came from application for this record.

So it will read from NODE1 and where does this records will be written again? NODE_1 won’t accept any more records right?

Does this scenario creates extra records in aerospike DB?

Please explain stop writes feature more detail as in documentation we do not have much information.


See Expired/Deleted data reappears after server is restarted.

The difference here is that the eviction depth is stored on shutdown so that previously evicted data will not return.

When stop writes is in effect on a given node, the partitions owned by that node will not be able to receive new client initiated writes (replica, migration, and defrag writes will continue regardless).